By  IOL Health & Science Staff


Muslim scientists are contributing to the field of space exploration, with great strides being made to push back the final frontier. Whether on the ground or in space, these Muslims are helping lay the milestones that will take humanity far beyond the reaches of our home planet Earth.

Join us in this series as we talk with them about their achievements within space programs the world over, and the hopes and dreams they carry for the future of humanity in space.

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He is known to many as the spokesman for the Apollo Program. His ability to use simple terms to describe the most complicated things made him often quoted by the media all over the world. Most of the scientists at NASA would agree that he was one of the best geologist in the program.

Dr. Farouk El-Baz, the Egyptian scientist who was the supervisor of Lunar Science Planning at the NASA headquarters, is one of the most prominent scientists in the field of geology. Dr. El-Baz joined for a live radio broadcast on January, 23, 2007 for a general session that covered everything from space and the moon to the deserts and politics.

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