By Zafarul-Islam Khan

Editor in Chief – Milli Gazette



Ghazi Al-Gosaibi

Saudi ambassador to the UK, Dr. Ghazi Al-Gosaibi’s poem on the praise of the martyrs of Palestine caused a stir and led the British foreign office to express its displeasure.

A former Saudi health minister, Dr. Al-Gosaibi is a prominent poet. In fact his earlier poem “A pen bought and sold” (1984) cost him his ministerial berth. The poem was published by London-based Arabic newspaper Al-Hayat on 13 April. Titled “The Martyrs,” it praises Ayaat Akhras, the 18-year-old Palestinian girl who blew herself up in a Jerusalem supermarket on 29 March, killing two Israelis and wounding 25 – an act of sheer desparation against the “Zionazi” occupation and onslaught on the remnant of Palestine.

You are the martyrs

By Ghazi Al-Gosaibi

Translated by Zafarul-Islam Khan

God is witness you are the martyrs

So do witness prophets and saints

You died to glorify the Word of my Lord

in quarters sanctified by the Prophet’s ascension

Did you commit suicide? No. We’ve committed suicide

preferring a life of the living-dead

People, we are dead, let’s listen to the elegy

We’ve turned impotent

so much that impotence grumbles against us

We wept until weeping divorced us in disdain

We prostrated until prostration sought help against us

We hoped until hope left us in disgust

We complained to the tyrants of a white house

whose hearts overflow with darkness

We kissed the shoe of Sharon

until the shoe cried: Stop! You have worn me out!

People, we are dead but earth refuses to embrace us

Tell Ayaat, O’ bride of the Heavens!

All beauty stands ransom for your eyes

When paragons, the cream of my people, are castrated

A beautiful [woman] stands up to the criminal

She kisses death with a smile

While leaders flee away from death

Paradise opened its gates for you and greeted

Fatima Al-Zahraa1 was in your welcome

Tell those who pen fatwas: hang on

Many a fatwa fills Heavens with anger

When Jihad calls, ink has to fall silent

And so does pen, books and faqihs2

When Jihad beckons, no fatwa3 is sought

Fatwa on the day of Jihad is blood

1- The Prophet’s daughter.

2- Faqih: jurisprudent.

3- Fatwa: legal opinion.