Islamic Finder

The most famous and extensive prayer-calculating website, Islamic Finder determines prayer times based on area codes or city. It provides printable prayer-time tables based on a selectable array of calculation methodologies and madhhab variances. It also conveniently lists local mosques from around the world, their addresses, and respective programs and agendas.

Similar to Islamic Finder in its list of calculation methodologies,’s prayer-time calculator is less specific and extensive than Islamic Finder but slightly more user-friendly in its format.


The prayer times of this site are approximated based upon a drop-down list of cities within a particular continent. Its strength lies in its interactive world map that ensures a simple interface for the user.

Download Islamic Prayer Times software here to make your PC a virtual muezzin. In addition to a pray-time calculator that covers over 2000 cities worldwide, the software offers a selection of famous adhans from around the world that automatically sound upon the advent of each salaat. Check out the site’s amazing online collection of classical Islamic texts of fiqh, Hadith, tafseer, `aqeeda, and more.

Islamic Interlink

For a list of additional prayer-time and qibla calculation services and their descriptions, check out Islamic Interlink’s “Prayer Times and Qibla” page.