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What will be the mosques’ future design in Europe?

What makes a building mosque? How to build an Islamic worship place suitable for the European landscape? What does the architecture of a mosque say about Muslims’ integration? How visible can mosques be in non-Muslim countries? and much more. Check our materials and share your views!

In an attempt to discover how mosques look like – past, present and future trends in Islamic architecture – Euro-Muslims dedicates this space to mosques in Europe.

Allover Europe, Muslims pray in a variety of worship places: purpose built mosques with domes and minarets, Islamic centers, prayer rooms, as well as “hidden” and temporary mosques. Yet, in the public imagination, all these forms are coined by the generic term mosque, which seems to be a synonymous for Islamic place of worship.

In the context of the tendency to see Islam and Muslims as an exceptional case, Islamic places of worship have gained more and more attention in European countries; their continuously increasing number and greater visibility made mosques more and more controversial…Read More


Innovating Mosque Architecture in Europe (Flash) 

Generally speaking, there are two different concepts of mosque buildings in Europe, manifested side by side: on the one hand, the sentimental, traditionalist, and Oriental design; on the other, the experimental, contemporary, and European one…Watch Flash


Europe’s Controversial Mosque Architecture (Audio)

How does Mr. Christian Welzbacher, author of the book Euro Islam Architecture: New Mosques of the Occident, see Euro-Islamic architecture and its meaning for architecture in general, the European debates on mosques, and much more?… Listen to the Interview


Euro Islam Architecture

As public debate on the best way to integrate Muslims in non-Islamic society grows more intense, the critical debate in architecture on the best way to stimulate integration through design is also becoming more heated…More


Defining the Mosque in Europe

The first problem that arises is defining what we mean by a mosque. We do not expect to find an exhaustive and universally shared definition: put simply, a shared definition does not exist, certainly not in non-Islamic countries… More