Official Documents

WHO Health Briefing on Iraq 

The World Health Organization continues to coordinate, conduct and analyze health assessments. So far, these have been collected from more than 50 communities in Iraq. Each assessment helps give a clearer picture as to the specific health needs in each community. 

Letter of Resignation – From Ambassador John Brady Kiesling 

The following is the full text of John Brady Kiesling’s letter of resignation to Secretary of State Colin L. Powell. Kiesling is a US career diplomat who has served in US embassies for twenty years

A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm

This report is prepared by The Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies’ “Study Group on a New Israeli Strategy Toward 2000.” Find the subtitle “Moving to a Traditional Balance of Power Strategy” under which the Israeli strategic objective of overthrowing Saddam is stated. 

Strategic Attack (PDF)

This is a doctrine document of the US Air Force. Find “Impact of Strategic Attack on Electrical System” on page 26 of this document. This explains the impact of the US strategic attack operations on the Iraqi electrical system.

Doctrine of Joint Urban Operations  (PDF)

This is yet another official doctrine document of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff. The significance of this document becomes known in light of the expected war with Iraq which would rely heavily on urban warfare tactics.

Iraq: Prepare for Humanitarian Crisis

A briefing paper released by Human Rights Watch describes the unique potential for humanitarian disaster in Iraq. Most Iraqi civilians depend on centralized infrastructure for providing food, water, and sanitation, which could be immediately disrupted by war.

UNICEF: Impact of Armed Conflict on Children 

More and more of the world is being sucked into a desolate moral vacuum. This is a space devoid of the most basic human values; a space in which children are slaughtered, raped, and maimed.

Confidential:Impact of Air Strikes on UN Operations in Iraq  

IslamOnline has acquired a confidential UN Document that is prepared by Office of the Humanitarian Coordinator for Baghdad. It lists the civilian losses that occurred as a result of the US-led 1998 Air Strikes.

Confidential:Half Million Iraqis to Suffer Serious Injuries in 1st Phase of War: U.N. report (PDF)

 According to a confidential U.N. report, nearly 500,000 Iraqis are prone to suffer serious injuries during the first phase of an attack. The report, which was posted on a website of a CambridgeUniversity group, said that the number “includes up to 100,000 wounded in combat, and another 400,000 hurt in the devastation expected during any U.S.-led attack on Iraq .