How to Change Ourselves in Ramadan? (Live Dialogue)

Guidance and blessings can descend at any moment, especially in the final days of Ramadan. If you are disappointed you are in tawba (repentance) and this is a good sign… More>>

Sacrifice – The Making of a Muslim (E-book)

The days of youth are the best days for us to take our first steps towards shaping our lives and our community. This is the time of energy and freedom… More>>

Taqwa in Ramadan

The purpose of fasting is not to make us hungry and thirsty, or to deprive us some of our comfort and conveniences. The real purpose of fasting is that we learn taqwaMore>>

The Joy of Ramadan

The fast is done for the sake of Allah alone. The joy that the fast brings cannot be described. The reward, in sha’ Allah, of the true and sincere fast during Ramadan is clear—Heaven itself… More>>

`Umrah or Relief Efforts?
Women’s Issues in Ramadan
Ramadan and Youth
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