Bush Shoe-Throwing Games

Within hours, US President George W. Bush’s close encounter with an Iraqi size 10 shoe turned into a series of online games where players throw virtual shoes at a dodging Bush…

Economic Crisis in Egypt’s Garbage

The global financial crisis that has hit almost every corner of the world is taking its toll on the Egyptian economy, revealing itself from even Egyptians’ garbage.

Muntazer Zaidi… Proud Iraqi, US Critic

Muntadar al-Zaidi, who shot to instant fame after hurling his shoes at US President George W. Bush, is a proud Iraq…

Live Dialogues

Mumbai Deadly Attacks: What For?

Groups of gunmen have coincidently attacked the heart of Mumbai, the business and…

Banning Charity, Penalizing Pakistanis

“This Land is Ours”: Israeli-Arabs

Iraqis Celebrate Bush Shoe “Hero”

US `Eid… Work, School, No Holiday

Pakistan Bans Charity Over Mumbai

Iraq Vote to Redraw Political Map