Swedish Migration staff toasted the expulsion of a Russian mother and her children, one of whom was severely sick, in March 2004.

STOCKHOLM, December 22, 2005 (IslamOnline.net & News Agencies) – Swedish migration staff have celebrated the expulsion of a mother and her three children, one of whom is severely sick, media reports have revealed.

Toasting with champagne and cake, officials of the Swedish Migration Board celebrated the deportation of a Russian family, a mother and her three children, Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported Thursday, December 22.

The incident took place in the migration board’s offices in March 2004, revealed Sweden’s newspaper of record Dagens Nyheter.

In an email invitation to colleagues, a copy of which was published by the daily, Liz Sandgren, the employ who organized the celebrations, hailed the deportation of “our difficult woman. … Let’s celebrate with cake and wish her and her children all the best in their home country!”

One employee told the paper that “We were invited to have cake and coffee to celebrate the deportation of a family.”

“It is okay in the department to have this attitude, that a deportation is something to celebrate,” an employee told the paper.

“This culture clearly exists, and there are also clearly racist tendencies among part of the staff.”


The revelation of immigration officials’ ill-behavior has sparked furor in Sweden, with calls for the resignation of Migration Board director Janna Valik.

The scandal also forced the celebrations’ organizer, Sandgren, to resign her post.

The Swedish daily said that Sandgren was forced to tender her resignation after the newspaper confronted the Migration Board with the information.

But the board insisted she chose to leave her job and had done so only temporarily.

An inquiry was launched into the incident by the Kristianstad office in southern Sweden.

“She (Sandgren) quit her job voluntarily for the duration of the inquiry. She was not sacked,” a Migration Board spokesman said, refusing to comment on the reasons for her departure.

Another head of department resigned from her job Thursday, according to Dagens Nyheter’s online edition.

The resignation came after an interpreter tape-recorded her insulting a 33-year-old blind asylum seeker. The recording was played on Swedish radio.

Swedish television news has broadcast a recording of a case officer insulting a blind asylum seeker.

When the blind man says he is ready to commit suicide, the case officer replies he can do as he wishes. She finally ordered him out of her office, as her next appointment is waiting.