KUALA LAMPUR, July 15 (IslamOnline & News Agencies) -A cult which dabbles in black magic and recruits teenagers from broken homes has been uncovered in Malaysia, a Muslim majority country, press reports said Sunday.

“Their followers, largely teenage boys and girls, burn holy texts of various religions and behave in an abnormal manner,” the Social Development Minister Siti Zaharah Sulaiman was quoted as saying.

Members of the cult targeted problematic teenagers and those from poor and broken families in urban areas. They dress differently and have marks on the bodies to identify themselves; Malaysian Newspaper the Star quoted Zaharah as saying.

“They subscribe to idol worshipping and occult-type rituals. We fear that the group, which is in its initial development stage, can turn dangerous if not curbed,” Zaharah said.

The Malaysian minister described the cult as anti-religion and anti-establishment but said her ministry had yet to identify the people behind it or the places they operated from because they kept changing their locations.

Siti Zaharah urged parents and non-governmental organizations to help curb the emergence of the group.

The increasing influence of groups, which promote satanic worship, denounce religion and encourage free sex as well as violence, has been raised in the Malay media recently.

Among these groups were those into “black metal” music. According to The Star, there are more than 100 bands in Malaysia which subscribe to such music and its anti-God philosophy.

Cultures have been meeting and mixing in Malaysia since the very beginning of its history.

The spread of Islam in Malaysia, introduced by Arab and Indian traders, ended the Hindu-Buddhist era by the 13th century. With the conversion of the Malay-Hindu rulers of the Melaka Sultanate (the Malay kingdom which ruled both side of the Straits of Malaka for over a hundred years), Islam was established as the religion of the Malays, and had profound effect on Malay society.